Summer Release 2021

Discover the Newest Features and Updates in Your BlueVolt-powered University

Analytics: Leaderboard Section Updates

Not everyone is comfortable with analytics, so we wanted to make sure that this update helped
everyone across the board, regardless of analytics knowledge levels. To do that, we focused
on ways to make the data as approachable and digestible as possible.

One of the most significant updates on the Aggregate Performance Dashboard is in the
Leaderboard section, which now includes:

• Category Tabs
• Corresponding Data Columns

Admins can click on any of the tabs to see the related data for each course in their view.

Sharing Center Enhanced Workflows  

For everyone who subscribes to product training courses or other content within the
BlueVolt Sharing Center, the Enhanced Workflows feature will enable you to complete
specific admin duties at a much faster pace. 

University admins can now sort and filter through all shared courses. Make organizing
thousands of courses more manageable with just a few clicks! By filtering down to a small set of courses, you can quickly find the courses you need and individually go into each course to make updates as needed.

You’ve been asking for an easier way to organize shared courses. We have listened, and we’re ready to deliver with what we’re calling Smart Categories.

As you read in the previous section on Sharing Center Enhanced Workflows, University
admins can now sort and filter through ALL shared courses. After you have a group of courses sorted, you can bulk-add all these courses to a new category.

Analytics: Filter Updates & New Visuals

Another key change includes the filters. Previously, every time you chose a data filter, the
system would run the query. If you picked multiple filters, it caused significant lag. Now, users can select multiple filters upfront before clicking Apply, which speeds up the process and avoids further lag. Additional visualizations, charts, and new metrics in the Sharing Network dashboard are also available with this release.

Automation Rules: Triggers & Actions

(coming September 15th)

Organizing shared courses can be a time consuming task, plus there’s a lot of room for
admin error with accidental clicks. To speed up the process and reduce errors, BlueVolt has built an automation system.

Admins can now build rules that instantly:

  • Add learners to groups
  • Enroll learners in courses/training tracks
  • Add shared courses to categories

Fixes & Other Updates

  • We updated an issue where the transcript links stopped working after the ‘Show All’
    button was selected. 
  • We corrected an address issue occurring during bulk uploads.
    NOTE— We will defer updating the username issue for a future release.
    Current Workaround: If you do not specify the username during the bulk upload, the
    system will update it the same as the email. We recommend imputing the preferred
    username during the bulk upload.
  • We repaired an issue in which a learner could see 100% complete in the training track
    before they completed the track.
  • We corrected the French translation for a transcript page and privacy settings related to a
    learner’s accented name.
  • We updated the Analytics Dashboards and will continue to add more analytics capabilities
    per our customers’ requests.
  • We fixed issues related to phone verification problems.
  • We updated the Salesforce Sync page to an authenticated page. 
  • We corrected the formatting issue caused by the long course titles in the Sharing Center
    purchase modal.
  • We updated our language logic to stop the Google Translate button from triggering when
    switching from English to other BV-supported languages.
  • We corrected the API endpoint issue. 
  • We removed access to the legacy catalog page. 
  • We fixed the course detail page to show the correct course type. 
  • We repaired an error in Analytics that was triggered by using the browser’s ‘Back’ button. 
  • We updated the ‘Purchase Order’ required fields to ensure they populate correctly. 
  • We fixed an Analytics Error on Larger Date Presets.