Add Custom Profile Fields

Administrators can add custom profile fields to gather additional information from learners for tracking and reporting. There are a few required profile fields, but administrators can add up to 25 custom fields. The custom profile fields will show in the user's profile as well as reports.

Create Custom Fields

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > Custom Fields
  2. Select Add New Field.
  3. Fill out necessary information.
    • Field Name: What do you want the field called?
    • Description: Brief description that will display a tool tip for the learner.
    • Display order: This is where you want the field to display on the profile page.
    • Required: Do you want to require learners to fill out this field when they sign up? See more information below.
    • Student Visible: Is this a field the learner can see?
    • Read-only: Do you want to allow this field to be edited by the learner?
    • Value is Unique: Is this field intended as a unique identifier, meaning only one learner can have that value populated?
    • Data type
  1. Select Save and Close

CAUTION: Pay attention to any red warning text. If you are using User Management integration or uploading user data, creating/editing Custom Fields may impact those items. It’s important to consult with BlueVolt Support or your Customer Success Manager before proceeding.


Some example custom fields include Company Name, Title, Employee ID, Extension, etc.


Required Custom Fields

You can make custom fields required. This is helpful when you have a specific point of data you want to make sure every learner provides on their profile, like the default required fields such as Name and Email Address. On the learner’s first sign-in, they will be unable to proceed passed the profile screen and access the university until these required fields are appropriately populated. The field can be required for specific roles.