Add Offline Courses to Transcript

With the My Account: Add to Transcript enabled for the university, learners can add offline courses or content consumed outside the university to their transcript. University admins must approve or deny requests to add the courses/content to a transcript.

NOTE: To enable this feature, contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager. 

Once the feature is enabled, you are able to customize the instructions and submission response text, as well as determine who can receive approval requests. 

Customize The Instructions and Submission Response Text

Instructions and submission response text can be customized for your university by going to Admin > Settings > University and scroll to the bottom of the list after enabling the feature.

Instructions Message:

Submission Response:


Approve/Deny Add Requests

Once a learner has entered the information to request adding the course/content to their transcript, an admin must approve or deny the request.

To approve an Offline Course Request:

Go to Training > Offline Course Request

From here, you can see a list of learners who have made requests to add courses/content to their university. You can Approve, Reject, or leave them in a Wait status. You can also update the course length (minutes) and change the grade (which is a percentage).

TIP: By clicking the link below the Group dropdown, you can set who receives offline course request emails. 

Once you have approved courses/content for the learner, the information will display on the learner's transcript.


NOTE: See Add Offline Courses to Transcript under the Learner section to view the learner experience.