Add Seats to a Course

Sometimes seat limits will reach max number of students. If there is continued interest in the course, you may opt to increase number of seats to allow more students to join.

To Add Seats To A Course:

  1. Go to the Training tab > Courses > View Courses
  2. Type in the name of the course in the search box
  3. Click on the course name
  4. Click on “4. Settings
  5. Under "Users/Restrictions", type in the maximum number of students you wish to have enrolled in the course. (i.e. if you currently have 500 as your “max students” and wish to add 200 seats, type in 700.


If The Course Is Shared:

In some cases, the course is shared to your University by another source. If you need to add seats to a course which didn't originate from your university, reach out to that University or contact BlueVolt Support.