Add Users to Your University

University Admins can add/edit users in their university. Group Admins can add/edit users in their group(s) in the university. This article assumes you’re familiar with your groups and group hierarchies.

NOTE: Group Admin access to add/edit users is a configurable setting in University Properties. Not all universities grant Group Admins access to add/edit users.

There are four ways to add users to your university: 

  1. Manually Add a Single User
  2. Learners self-register (Public University Only)
  3. Bulk Upload
  4. SSO/third-party integration

This article will primarily address Manually adding a single user.  

Manually Add Single User

  1. Go to Admin > Users > Users
  2. Click Add New User to University. NOTE: You can click on the Group dropdown to select the group to which you want to add the new user. You can also add the Group in Step 4.
  3. Enter information in the profile fields. You should complete the fields in User Information and anything with a red asterisk (*) at a minimum.
  4. During this initial account creation, you can also add the learner to any appropriate groups and set their permissions within that group, including making them a university admin, in User’s Roles.
  5. Click Save


User is Already Member of Another University

Email Addresses can only exist on one profile in the system. If you enter an email address belonging to someone who already has a profile on a university powered by BlueVolt, you will get an Email Address Collision warning. Clicking OK will automatically send an invitation to join your university to the user. Once they’ve accepted the invitation, you can access their profile and update roles.

The user's primary university will not change. If you need your university to be the primary for the person, you may contact with your request. There are some circumstances under which we will be unable to change the primary university, but generally this can be done.


If the user has forgotten the password for the other account or is not aware s/he is in another university, you can give the user the following directions for logging into the other university:

  1. Use your email address as your Username and use the Password you created for the other university.
  2. If you don't know/have forgotten your password, click the I don't have my password link underneath the login fields and enter the email address associated with your account.
  3. If you usually log in through a different organization's site (such as an association webpage or portal), please log in there.

Once logged in, you will receive a message on your homepage asking if you wish to join the new university. Click Yes to add the new university to your profile.