Adding YouTube Videos to Courses

You can include YouTube videos in your courses.


 From the YouTube video:

  1. Click the Share button below the video.
  2. Click the Embed
  3. Copy the content that appears shaded in blue.
  4. Paste into Notepad (or a blank document, email, etc. - whatever's handy).
  5. Delete everything before and after (and including) the quotation marks around the URL.
  6. Copy that new URL.


- <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>)

After - //

In the Course:

  1. Admin > Training > Courses.
  2. Select Edit A Course and locate your course.
  3. Go to Step 3.
  4. Click the Add Module
  5. Under Module Type, select Link To URL.
  6. Click the Next
  7. Paste the copied link in Content URL.
  8. (Optional Step) Enter in any required viewing minutes.
  9. Click the Next
  10. Go to Step 5--Next Steps.
  11. Click Preview This Course.
  12. When done, click Finished.


NOTE: Some videos are available for downloading, which can be an option (using the above steps, under Module Type, select Upload File instead of Link to URL).  However, a lot of YouTube videos are not available for downloading, so this is our recommended method.