Admin Navigation Bar

The admin navigation bar has been updated to provide more intuitive and faster navigation to commonly used pages by administrators.

Note: This is a re-organization of the pages accessed by admins. Functionality remains the same, including across every Admin Role.


First, look at the Admin Navigation Bar you were used to seeing/using.


Now look at what the new Admin Navigation Bar looks like. The first thing you may notice is that the Back to University button now displays in the center of the page header as Learner UI (User Interface).

Also notice that the top menu items have been updated to Sharing Center, Analytics, My University, Settings, and Help.



The main changes from the old nav bar to the new nav bar are listed here:


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Old Nav Bar New Nav Bar


Sharing Center

The Sharing Center is a new menu item on the admin navigation bar. The Sharing Center has been moved to the top-level navigation to make it quicker to get to and includes links in the drop-down menu to go directly to specific pages of the Sharing Center, such as Sharing Notifications or My Shared Courses.



Analytics is the second item on the admin navigation bar. This menu item was called “Reports.”  All the items on the drop-down menu under Analytics are the same as they were previously.



My University

My University combines what was previously called “Training” and “Users” in to one top level menu item. Most of the items that were previously under “Training” can now be found either under the Catalog or Learner Activity sub-menu items.

Note: AutoEnrollment Links can now be found under Settings > Automation




The Settings sub-menu now includes Automation and eCommerce menu items. The Automation menu item includes links to the AutoEnrollment Links, Email Management, and Announcements pages. While eCommerce includes links to eCommerce and Promo Codes pages.



You can access Knowledge Base articles and create/review Announcements for your university via the Help sub-menu items.



Different Admin Roles

Please be aware that the Admin Navigation Bar respects all levels of admin permission and each admin type will only be able to see the menu options to which they have permission.

For example, you can see in the image below, logged in as a group admin, the Admin Navigation Bar does not display Sharing Center on the top level nav bar and the Settings sub menu does not include links to Email management nor eCommerce.