Aggregated Assessment/Survey Results

The Aggregated Assessment/Survey Results report is a quick way to see how people are doing on an assessment or survey module for a course built using the assessment/survey tools within the BlueVolt platform.

There are two ways to get to this report. 

Dashboard Method:

  1. From the University Dashboard, choose a course from the Course drop-down
  2. Click on the Aggregated assessment/survey results link under the Reports section
  3. Click on the Plus button to expand the course
  4. Click on View Details to see the detail report
  5. Click on Export Results to download the report in Excel format


Reports Method: 

  1. Go to Reports > Training Reports > Aggregated assessment/survey results
  2. Choose a course category from the drop-down list
  3. Follow steps 3-5 from above

NOTE: Results are only displayed in this report for assessments or surveys that are built within the BlueVolt system. If your course has an assessment or quiz module that is a SCORM or AICC module, you will obtain pass/fail and scores either by: Running an individual’s Transcript or running a Course Enrollment Totals report and checking the Detail option as well as the option to Include Assessment and Module Scores.