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Anatomy of Your BlueVolt Account

There are several things to which you have access when you are logged into your BlueVolt account. These include Profile, Courses, Transcript, and more. Most of this information is your Account/Personal Information.


Once you log into your account, you will land on a Homepage. Many elements of these pages are configured by University Admins, but there are some features which will be the same across every university on the platform. 

NOTE: While features may be the same across the platform, you may find them configured differently in different universities as university admins have a variety of tools to configure their university design, settings, and features.

From the Homepage, you can access the Navigation Bar which most commonly has links to Home, Courses, Contact, and Help. The upper right is where you can access your personal information, Shopping Cart (if your university uses e-commerce), $BlueBucks, Notifications, and Search.



You will receive emails with important notifications from BlueVolt. However, these are also available any time through your BlueVolt Account. There are two places you can access Notifications. You can use the little bell icon in the upper right of the page when you’re signed in.

You can also click on Notifications on the left navigation bar when you’re in your profile information.



Your Account/Personal Information

On the right of the homepage, you will see your name and profile picture. You can click on your name to expand a menu of options related to your personal account information.

From here, you can quickly access My Enrolled Training, My Shopping Cart, My $BlueBucks, My Profile, and My Transcript. You can Switch Universities to quickly jump to other universities to which you belong. When you need to log out, this is also where you would find the Log Out button. If one of your universities uses Badges, you would see the number of Badges you have and would be able to click the link to be taken to the Badges page. You can also access these items through the navigation bar on the left-hand side when you’re in any of these pages, as shown in the Notifications section above.


My Enrolled Training

Click on My Enrolled Training to see all the courses in which you’re currently enrolled and are not complete. This page will give you the links to the courses and allow you to sort your courses Chronologically or Alphabetically. It’ll show you Training Tracks in which you’re enrolled and certain notifications will appear like Behind Schedule warnings.


From this page, you can see the same Navigation Bar on the left as appears on other Account/Personal Information pages.


My Shopping Cart

If the university to which you belong has e-commerce, you will have a link to My Shopping Cart in your Account/Personal Information menu. You can also access this feature through Navigation Bar on the left of any Account/Personal Information page and by clicking on the little shopping cart icon located at the top right corner of the webpage, next to the Notifications bell icon.


My $BlueBucks

$BlueBucks are a great incentive for participating in training through a university on the BlueVolt platform. If the university(ies) to which you belong participate in the program, you will likely be earning $BlueBucks. To see your $BlueBucks and process redemptions, as well as access cards you’ve already redeemed, you can click on the My $BlueBucks link. You can also click on the $BlueBucks link to the right of your name to reach the $BlueBucks page. This page will show your history of $BlueBucks earned and redeemed. It will also have a list of all gift cards for which you’ve redeemed $BlueBucks. You can click the links to be taken immediately to your gift cards in case you lose the email containing card information.


My Profile

This is where you can update, edit, and add to your User Profile on the BlueVolt platform. You can update your name, address, email address, and other important information. You can also add a profile picture if you want!

Certain universities will have specific information they require from you. Most of the time, this information can be maintained/added through your Profile here. University Admins can control what fields users can update in their profiles. Please contact your university admin directly if you need to update grayed out or unavailable fields.

NOTE: BlueVolt CEU Electrical University customers should make sure they have all valid electrical licenses on their profile to ensure proper reporting and completion certificates. For more information, see Add/Edit Licenses



My Transcript

This is where you will find the official training record for the courses you have taken across every university on the BlueVolt platform. This is where all your completed coursework will reside. You can find a complete history of your course work within your Transcript.

The top of your Transcript page will show you the Summary. Badges Earned, YTD Courses Completed, and Total Courses Completed by university. To toggle between your universities and see data for the various universities to which you belong, you can use the University Filter to filter to another university. You can use the Filter tool to configure your Transcript view by date range and status as well.