Announcements are a great way to quickly relay brief, temporary messages to your learners. These announcements will only appear to each learner once. Once the learner sees the announcement, they will not see it again. Only University Admins can create Announcements.

Examples of a great use of announcements would be something like:

  • Please note: There are new courses in Featured Courses. Be sure to check them out!
  • ATTENTION: The deadline for enrolling in the Webinar is June 15, 2019 at 3:00p. Be sure to click this LINK to enroll.
  • Scheduled Course ABC is full. If you have not yet enrolled, please speak to your manager.

The possibilities are endless, but it’s important to understand that these announcements are intended to be temporary, brief, informative announcements. For messages you’d like learners to see every time they log in, consider setting up a Banner Block in your User Interface.

Set Up an Announcement

To set up an announcement, go to Settings > Automation > Announcements


From this screen, you can click Add new Announcement to create a new Announcement. You can also see existing Announcements and search for existing Announcements by date range.

Click Add new Announcement to be taken to this page where you can create the Announcement

Once you have filled out all the pertinent information for your Announcement, click Save. The Announcement will appear to each learner upon login or, if they’re already logged in, they will be shown the announcement when they navigate to a new page. They will have to click the Button to acknowledge the Announcement before being allowed to proceed in the university.

NOTE: Please remember each learner will only see this Announcement one time. Even if the announcement is scheduled to appear for multiple days, once they see and acknowledge the Announcement, it will not appear for them again.