Auto-Enrollment Links

A great way to drive usage and promote courses in your University is through the creation of Auto-Enrollment links. These links create unique URLs that you can use through external messaging (emails, flyers, postcards) to direct traffic into the University. 

Auto-Enrollment links can be found under the Training >  Content > AutoEnrollment Links

Link Behavior

Where do you want users to be directed when clicking the link?

  1. Course Enrollment. This will link users to a specific course in the University
  2. Training Track Enrollment. This link will enroll users in a specific Training Track.
  3. Group Role. This will link users to a specific group in the University
  4. Category Page. This will link users to a specific category of courses within the University

NOTE: You can select more than 1 option here. Example: If you want to drive users to a category AND into a group, then those 2 boxes can be selected.

Link Settings

In this section you can customize some basic settings for the AE link

  1. Customize Link Text. By default, if you don’t fill anything in here, the URL for the AE link will have a series of numbers and symbols at the end. You can add customized text here to help make the URL more readable/understandable.
  2. Expiration Date. An expiration date can be set for the AE link
  3. Status. Active or Disabled
  4. Single Use. Use this option only if you want the link to be used once. 
  5. Select Save and the URL will generate and display for use.
  6. Copy the URL generated for your use in email distribution lists, individual emails, newsletters, and other promotional marketing material.
  7. Paste into a spreadsheet and save locally for easy access. 

To Edit, Copy, or access links once they are created: you must go back into the AutoEnrollment editor > find the AE Link you want to edit > Select the Edit Button > Edit the Link Settings if you would like or Copy the link at the bottom of the page. 

Watch this 5 minute tutorial to learn more.