Badges may be awarded to learners for completing one or more courses or training tracks. Badges earned are displayed for learners on their account page and admins can run reports to see who has earned various badges.

Badge Management

Admin > Settings > Badge Management

Create a New Badge

  1. Click Create a New Badge in the top left corner of the page
  2. Enter a name for the badge (required)
  3. Enter a description (required)
  4. Upload a .png image that is less than 100x100 pixels (required)
  5. Click the Allow Export checkbox (optional) NOTE: If Allow Export is checked, then Badge Name, Description, and titles of associated Courses and/or Training Tracks are publicly viewable if badge earner shares via Open Badges.
  6. Mark the Badge as Active in the Status dropdown. NOTE: You can use this same dropdown to inactivate badges you no longer wish to offer.
  7. Select one or more courses and/or training tracks that must all be completed to earn the badge (optional)
  8. Click Save Badge

Earned Badges

As learners earn badges, the number they have earned will display on their profile.


The number in the badge symbol provides a quick link to the Badge tab on the learner’s account page. On the Badge tab, the learner can view a list of earned badges. If the badge has been marked as exportable, then there is a check box next to the badge so they can select it and then send to Open Badges.



Once a learner exports a badge, they can display it on various external sites such as LinkedIn or even on their Outlook signature. The digital badge is linked to a public page on your university where the public can view the name, description and required credentials to earn the badge.  

See these links for instructions on how to display badges on:

LinkedIn Profile

Outlook Signature

See All Badges Available to Earn

When the learner clicks on the Badge link in their profile, they can view all the badges they've earned as well as all the badges available for them to earn on the university they are currently in under Available Badges.

NOTE: When a learner is logged into a university and viewing their profile, the Earned Badges section will display all earned badges for all participating universities to which the learner belongs. However, Available Badges will only display the badges for that university. The learner will have to switch universities to see Available Badges for each university to which they belong.

Badge Report

Under the Reports section of the admin, there is a new report called Badge Report. You can select the Show All check box to show all badges earned in your university or select a date range. You can also use the radio buttons to search earned badges using specific criteria:

  • Keyword User Search: all badges earned by a specific user email address or users with a specific email address domain (e.g. all users with in their email address).
  • Group Search: All badges earned by learners in a specific group.
  • Keyword Badge Search: All learners who have earned a specific badge.


Disable Badge Feature

If your university doesn't intend to use badges, this feature can be turned off. When off, no reference to badges will appear on the learner side. 

To Turn Off Badges:

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > University > UI Interface tab > Options
  2. Deselect the option labeled Enable Badges.