$BlueBucks are a great way to incentivize learners to complete courses and access content.


How it works:

Apply an amount to the course. As learners complete the course, they will automatically earn the $BlueBucks applied to the course. Learners can redeem those $BlueBucks for electronic gift cards from hundreds of retailers including Amazon, Old Navy, REI, and others. $BlueBucks can also be used to pay for courses in BlueVolt’s CEU university.

 NOTE: In order for learners to redeem $BlueBucks, they must have a physical address on file. This is so we're able to send them the IRS tax for 1099 if they earn $600+. (US learners only)

Add a $BlueBucks amount to a course:

  1. Go to Training > Courses > Edit Course
  2. Select an existing course
  3. In 1. Course under the Edit Course you will see the $BlueBucks Rewards field. 
  4. Enter the amount of $BB in the blank field.
  5. Click Next or Save and Exit