BlueVolt Terms: Course vs Module

In BlueVolt, a course is the full “class” or “assignment” you take on a given subject. A module is one part of a course. Courses can be made up of multiple modules or just one module. Below are some examples of courses and modules. This distinction matters when creating and editing courses, as well as when you are troubleshooting issues with a course. Creating or editing may require several modules whereas troubleshooting an issue may only require looking at one module

Course Types (Visible to Learner)

  • Online
  • Activity
  • Offline Course
  • Scheduled Course
  • Course File

Module Types

Modules will indicate to the Learner whether they are Course Content, a Video, or an Assessment/Survey to the learner with an icon. The specific names of Modules are only visible in Course Editor.

  • SCORM/AICC Package
  • Assessment
  • Survey
  • Upload File
  • Link to URL
  • Adobe Connect
  • Video

Anatomy of a Course

When you look at a course in a BlueVolt university, you will see the Outline tab. This will list all the parts of the course. Each module will have its own title and description. It will also indicate if it’s optional. Anything that doesn’t specify optional is required to complete the course.