Bulk Upload/Edit Users

Bulk uploading users is an extremely effective way to get learners into your university. This feature allows you to upload as many users as you wish at one time. This is just one of many ways to add users for your university. It is one of the more effective ways to add a large amount of accounts. During a bulk upload, you can opt to have a system generated email sent to the users informing them they have been added to university.

Two Key Points to Keep in Mind:

  • Not everyone has bulk uploads turned on in their university. If Upload Users does not show under the Users tab, it will need to be turned on under the Settings Please contact Support if you’re unsure or unable to locate the setting.
  • If you have duplicated groups (groups with the same name), you will be unable to do a bulk upload of learners with only one exception: you are able to provide the full group structure path of the group to which the user is to be added. Every group name needs to be identical to what is shown in the system.


Add Multiple Users 

This is the more common option. If you are adding new learners or are unsure if learners are already in your university (but have their user profile credentials), you will want to select this option. This will never remove a user; but if you are trying to upload them when they have already been uploaded, their account will be overwritten with the information in your upload.

  1. Go to Users Upload Users
  2. Select Add Multiple users
  3. Download the blank user template
  4. Add your users to this blank bulk upload form.**
  5. Save the file as a .csv file
  6. Select Choose File and find the file
  7. Select Upload and a new page will appear giving you information on your upload.
  8. Select Commit Changes(You can also select Send Invitations email to new users, which is recommended, so they know they have been added to your university)

CAUTION: Read the instructions carefully to make sure you understand the steps involved. There will be some required fields including: FirstName, LastName, EmailAddress. If you are including the group to which the user should be added, it must have the exact same naming convention as what shows in your university (including periods, commas, and other punctuation). Your custom profile fields will also appear on this blank template.

When you get to Step 8, you will see a summary of the upload you are currently working on. This will show you if you have made any errors in the upload process, how many new learners you are adding, how many learners you are changing, etc.


Sync/Edit all users

You should choose this option if you would like to download your current user data and then re-upload after making some changes. You can change existing information by including users in Add Multiple Users. However, using the Sync/Edit feature allows you to see the current users’ information before making changes.

CAUTION: This option should be used under instruction from your Customer Success Manager or Support as it will impact the entire university user database.

  1. Choose: Sync/Edit all users
  2. Download all your users or all your primary users

All users in University may be in other universities as well. Primary learners are the learners who use your university only or are directed to your university, even if they are a part of other universities.

  1. Edit the data in the downloaded spreadsheet to make the desired changes
  2. Save the file as a .csv file
  3. Select Choose File and find the file
  4. Select Upload, and a new page will appear giving you information on your upload.
  5. Select Commit Changes(You can also choose Send Invitations email to new users, which is recommended, so they know they have been added to your university)

When you get to Step 7, you will see the same summary as Add Multiple Users.