CEU: Completion Certificate Not Available on Transcript

There are a few reasons you may not see your Completion Certificate on your Transcript

  • Your license is not listed in your profile. To add a license, see Add/Edit License Number in Profile
  • If you're looking for an older certificate, you may have an account under a different email. Try logging in with that email address. 
  • For CEU customers: not all courses are accepted in all states. Please check the Details page of the course under the heading This course is approved in the following states to see what other states will accept a certificate for this course. 
  • Some courses with differing credits in different states ARE equivalent, but a certificate is not automatically generated. If the course does have an equivalent in a state we report directly to, this completion will still be reported even if the certificate was not automatically added to your account.

NOTE: While most of our courses are only state-approved for renewals of existing licenses, some states (such as California and Oregon) direct you to our university for initial license applications. In cases where you do not have a valid license number to enter, please enter PROVISIONAL as your license number and use any expiration date in the future. This will help get your completion certificate generated and the states will accept this as your license. 

If you have any questions about whether a course was reported, please check first with your State Electrical Board.