CEU: Pay Now Button

When you have successfully completed all required course material, the course status will update to Ready to Pay and a button that says Pay Now will be available on the course Details page. 

There are a couple requisites which must be met before you the course will be Ready to Pay.

  1. All required modules have a status of Completed, Viewed, or Passed. If a module doesn't say (optional) next to the module name, it is required. If any of the required modules say In Progress, they must be completed.  
  2. Seat Time Requirement in place must be met. There is a seat time tracker on the course's Detail page.   This bar should indicate how much time you've spent and how much time you have left. If you have time left, the Pay Now button will not appear and you must complete the seat time requirement. Even if you have completed the course material, you will need to re-launch those content modules and keep them active in order to track your seat time

NOTE: Some courses do not allow you to re-launch material. If that is the case, you should see a module near the bottom of the course which state All Chapters (Content Only)(Optional). You can launch this module to review the material in order to meet the seat time requirement.