CEU: Seat Time Requirement

Some course creators will attach a seat time to courses to make sure learners are spending what they have deemed an acceptable amount of time viewing the material presented in a course. Our courses are written by nationally-recognized training directors who include the same amount of material in the online version as they would cover in a classroom course.

NOTE: Seat Time Requirements are determined by the states. BlueVolt cannot control or change the Seat Time Requirement. 

Completed Course Material before Seat Time Met

​Should you find that you have completed the required course material before the Seat Time has been met, most courses include optional content which can be viewed in order to meet that seat time requirement. 

NOTE: Do not launch a module and walk away. The system will stop tracking your time after 5 minutes of idle activity. In order to keep time tracking, you must keep the module window active every few minutes.

Seat Time on Mobile Devices

While our platform is compatible with mobile devices, many of our courses are not. The Course Details page will indicate whether the course is mobile compatible. 

However, mobile operating systems have trouble accurately tracking seat time. For that reason, we recommend viewing CEU courses on a desktop or laptop as mobile devices (phones and tablets) will not reliably communicate the time spent on the course back to our system.

Viewing a course from a mobile device can end up requiring you to spend much more time than the required seat time on the course in order to get the mobile device's operating system to correctly report enough time back to our system.