Content Settings

The Content section of the User Interface tab is where you can configure the layout and design of the Homepage and Course Catalog landing page of your university. This will be the section you will use to update the Homepage content with current programs or messaging that you want learners to see when they first access (anonymous view) or log in to your university. 

TIP: Name the title of your blocks with an indicator for whether it is for the anonymous (non-logged in view) or if it is for the homepage logged in view so that you can easily determine the order of blocks for each view.


Content - Course Catalog

The Course Catalog section of the Block Content editor page is where you can configure the design and layout of the primary catalog page and functions just like working with the blocks for the Home page. This is the page that a learner would see if they clicked the word “Catalog” or “Training Library” from the home page top navigation bar. (You can customize how you want the name of the catalog to be displayed in your university.)