Course Completion Certificates

Course Completion Certificates are a great way for a learner to have a record of completion of course. Creating a certificate for a course is easy.

Create Course Completion Certificates

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > Completion Certificates > Courses to create a course completion certificate.
  2. Select Course in the dropdown for I want to see (Or Select University to create a default certificate that will be available for all courses - once you add this it will be the default certificate for the university, and will be available for all courses.)
  3. Select the Category and Course
  4. Choose one of three options. Use the default Course Completion Certificate, Download the default Course Completion Certificate and edit as described in Option 3, and Upload your own Course Completion Certificate.


Sample Default Certificate:


Make Course Completion Certificates Available

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Courses > Edit Course
  2. Find a course and select Settings
  3. Go to Other Settings
  4. Scroll down to Certificate
  5. Check Show Certificate link to student
  6. If you’re using a university-wide certificate, there’s nothing else to do. If you’re using a Course specific certificate, click the clink Add a course-specific completion certificate
  7. A window will pop up with all the options for creating a course completion certificate.
  8. Select Use the Default upload the customized certificate you created.
  9. You can preview the certificate. If it looks good, click Looks good, save. If you need to make additional changes, click I don’t like it, Cancel to return to the previous window.
  10. Once you’ve accepted the certificate, you will see a message letting you know the certificate was saved and returning you to the previous window. Close the window.
  11. Click Save & Exit


The course certificate will now appear for all learners who complete the course successfully, including those who completed the course prior to the certificate being available.