Course Publisher: Register for Publisher Account

One of the best ways to grow content and maximize offerings in your university is to take advantage of a key feature of the BlueVolt platform: Course Sharing. Allowing companies to share content into your university is a great way to expand your offerings and increase learning opportunities for your members.

To share courses, a course publisher must create a Publisher Account. This simultaneously creates a play from which the courses are shared into universities on the BlueVolt platform and creates a Publisher Account Administrator user profile for the course publisher. There is a one-time registration process which enables the publisher to pay the registration fee (only due the first time you register become a publisher) and enter all the relevant information BlueVolt needs to submit the first course to the university to which they wish to share.

Each university on the BlueVolt platform has a unique Referral Link which can be used to promote the Sharing Center features and encourage course publishers to share courses with the university. This link can be included in marketing documentation, on websites, and other university promotional material. This same link can be used by existing course publishers to share new course content into your university.

NOTE: Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for information on the Referral Link and to get started with promoting this feature.

This Referral Link will have information regarding the registration fee and process for the course publisher, as well as links for them to get started.


Once the course publisher clicks Get Started, they are taken to a registration form with all the information necessary for them to register and pay the registration fee to begin sharing courses.

NOTE: As mentioned above, the registration process and associated first-time fee is a one-time only process. After registering and paying the fee, course publishers can use the Login link to login and share new course content.

After a course publisher has completed the registration form and paid their first-time fee, they can immediately opt to enter information for a new course to share to a university. See Course Publisher: Submit a Course .