Course Publisher: Submit a Course

Before you can submit courses to share with universities on the BlueVolt platform, you must register for a Course Publisher Account. Once you have done that, you will immediately be able to share a course!


Step 1: Course Information

This is where you will enter information like Title, Description, Length, and upload a course thumbnail. Once you have finished entering the information, click Next: Upload Files

Step 2: Course Files

This is where you will upload all associated files with your course. You may add as many as you need. These include images, SCORM packages, video files, whitesheets, etc. Once you’ve added all the files necessary, click Done Adding Files

NOTE: If you are submitting a course share request for a course already in the system, you do not need to re-upload the files. Indicate in the notes that the course already exists in your Publisher Account

Step 3: Share

This is where you will select which universities on the BlueVolt platform to which you wish to share your course. You will check the box next to the university(ies). If you wish to share to universities not listed, you may enter those in the field labeled Other Company or Organization. Once you have finished indicating which universities should receive this course, click I’m done, create my course.

You can repeat the process to add additional courses by selecting Add Another Course, otherwise, you’re done! BlueVolt will contact you regarding invoicing and to confirm when the share request has been completed.