Course Type: Course File

The Course File type consists of a single file for the user to download. The Course File is a great type of course to create when you simply want to provide a resource document for your learner to download. “Course File” courses do not contain any modules (you can skip that section of the course editor) and will show up in the Course Catalog (if it is marked as such) in the "4. Settings" section. The learner is marked Complete upon download of the course file attached to the course.


NOTE: Other course types, such as Online or Scheduled, may contain one or more modules with a link to view a file. This is a good option if you are building a course where the learner needs to reference one or more documents, in regards to a larger course, that contains other modules such as assessments or SCORM based content. 


Create a Course File type: 

  1. Go to Training > Courses > Add Course or Edit Course
  2. In 1.Course, select Course File as the Type
  3. Click on the Next button
  4. If you have information to fill out in the remaining tabs, do so. 
  5. When you're finished, click on Save & Exit