Course Type: Offline Course

The Offline Course type is used for tracking courses taken outside the BlueVolt platform.  

For example: A new set of learners attended a conference session, and you would like to track that they attended this conference. You would create an offline course so that it displays in their transcripts, as well as in any reports that you might run for this group of learners. 

These courses do not show up in the Course Catalog.

Create an Offline Course type 

  1. Go to Training
  2. Go to Courses > Add Course or Edit Course 
  3. Enter Course Name or Select an existing course
  4. In the “Edit Course” section, select “Offline Course” in the Type drop down list.
  5. Click on the Next button
  6. Add Display information in the Display section



NOTE: It's possible for learners to add offline courses and content consumed outside the university to their transcript. For more information, see Add Offline Courses to Transcript