Course Type: Scheduled Course

The Schedule Course type enables you to create one or more scheduled dates and times for a course that your learners can select to enroll themselves in, such as an instructor led course or a webinar. 

There are two steps to creating a Scheduled Course:  

  • Create the course itself as a Scheduled Course type
  • Add Schedule(s) to the course


Create a Scheduled Course Type

  1. Go to Training > Courses > Add Course or Edit Course
  2. Enter Course Name or Select an existing course
  3. Under 1.Course in the Type drop down list, select “Scheduled Course”.
  4. Click on the Next button


Add Schedule(s) for a Course:

  1. Click on " Schedule" from the course editor (this option only displays if the course is a Scheduled Course type)
  2. Click on Add new Course Schedule link to set up the schedule
  3. Enter schedule information (Fields marked with * are required)
  4. When complete, click Next
  5. Click Add new Course Schedule link to add additional scheduled times, if needed
  6. If nothing more is needed, click Save & Exit. Otherwise, click Next for 6.Next Steps
  7. Enroll students, email students about the course, and perform other additional actions as needed.
  8. Click Finished