Create a Course

Once you have created the course material you want to use in a course in the BlueVolt platform, you can follow these instructions to upload and configure a course in your university.

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Content > Courses > Add a Course
  2. Name your course and select the Type of course from the drop down menu.
  3. You can also set your course to Active or leave it Inactive; or set an Activation and Deactivation Date. Click Next at the bottom of the page.
    1. NOTE - Enrolled users in your university will not be able to complete a course once it becomes inactive. This rule applies to all courses: paid, recertification, shared into your university etc. 
    2. NOTE - The Activation Date field can be used on an inactive course to specify a date that course should become active. The Inactivation Date field can similarly be used on an active course to specify a date that course should become inactive.
  4. The next tab, 2.Display is information about the course for the learner.
    • Short Description. You will write a brief description of the course.
    • Detail Page. This is a longer description with a Long Description option, but will only allow for a 250 - 300 word max. (Use this for course objectives) 
    • Outline Tab. Use this to outline longer user instructions, objectives, or bulleted lists. You can also add images to any of the fields with a text editor. 
    • Course Hours. This is the estimated time it takes to complete the course. It is not related to Required Seat Time.
    • Identify whether the course has audio.
    • Featured. If you want the course featured on the university, check this box. You will then see additional options such as Featured Expiration Date and Featured Item Display Order.
    • Mobile. Check the box if the course is compatible with mobile device.




  1. Tab 3.Modules is where you will upload content for your course content. 
  2. A new screen will open allowing you to manage the new content. Enter a Module Name(course name, quiz, survey etc). Determine if the module is Optional (courses need at least one required module to be displayed in the category), set it to Active or Inactive, and set Display Sequence if there are multiple modules in the course. Then select the Module Type you are uploading. This example is a SCORM package.
    • SCORM/AICC Package
    • Assessments will lead you to create an assessment within BlueVolt
    • Survey helps gather user feedback about the module
    • Upload file allows for word or excel documents
    • Link to URL is for external links such as a YouTube video
    • Adobe Connect creates access to Webinars
    • Video is to upload an MP4 video
    • Copy from Existing Module moves content from within your University

Select the file to upload to the LMS

7. After the file loads, you will have a box to set Required Seat Time. This field sets the amount of time you want to require learners to spend on the module before it can be marked as Complete. This is not simply course length.

8. After you have uploaded all modules for the course, click Next to reach 4.Settings. Show Course in Catalog, set the Max Students (Leave blank for unlimited), and determine who the course is Viewable by. If you want it open to all students leave as Logged in Users. To restrict the course select Certain Groups.

9. A drop-down menu will appear and allow you to select which Groups can access the course you have uploaded. NOTE: Selecting the parent group includes all sub-groups. If you want to include most sub-groups, but not all, you should use the Select All option to check all sub-groups so that you can go through and deselect just those which you don't want to access the course.

10. Below the Groups dropdown is Categories . It may be useful to put the course into multiple categories to help users easily find the course. For example, a course might fit into “new products” “residential” and “power tools” categories.

11. Other Settings contains several additional items you may want to configure for the course. Such as Registration, Prerequisites, and Search Tags.

12. You can choose to set an Enrollment Email Message on this page as well.

13. Click Next to get to Next Steps. You can Preview your course, Enroll StudentsEmail Students about the course, set Instructors, or further Edit the course. Click the Finished button when you are done.