Create a Course: Re-Enrollment Courses

If you have a course which you want your learners to take in specific intervals of time, like a re-certification course that must occur annually, you can set up the course as a Re-Enrollment Course. This allows learners to earn completions on the same course multiple times. On regular, non-re-enrollment courses, once a learner has completed the course, they can no longer receive credit for additional completions. Using the Re-Enrollment feature changes that.

There are two kinds of Re-Enrollment Courses: Learner Re-Enrollment and System Re-Enrollment.

Learner Re-Enrollment

Learner Re-Enrollment is pretty straight forward. This allows the learner to self-enroll in a course they’ve previously completed. The learner will not be re-enrolled in the course until they choose to click the Enroll button. This type of Re-Enrollment course works with paid courses.

System Re-Enrollment

This Re-Enrollment option is a little more complicated. System Re-Enrollment automatically re-enrolls the learner in the course at the specified interval. The learner does not have to re-enroll. The system runs a check on the Enrollment Date during the nightly process and re-enrolls learners if the correct number of days have passed since the Enrollment Date.

For example: You have set the Re-Enroll Every field to 1 year. The learner was enrolled on July 1, 2018. The system will evaluate that Enrollment Date and Completion Date during the nightly process and compare it to the current date. When one year has passed since that Enrollment Date, the system will re-enroll the learner. In our example, that would be July 1, 2019. This type of Re-Enrollment does not work with paid courses.

IMPORTANT: If an admin un-enrolls a learner from a System Re-Enrollment course, the nightly process will enroll the learner back in the course because the Enrollment and Completion Dates will still indicate the course is eligible for re-enrollment. System Re-Enrollment should only be used when every learner enrolled is required to take the course at the intervals you determine during course creation.

Options for System Re-Enrollment Courses 

There are a few fields pertaining to System Re-Enrollment which are important to understand.

  1. Re-Enroll Every: This field allows you to designate the interval in which you want the course to be eligible for re-enrollment. You can use the dropdown to change Years, Months, or
  2. Expected Duration: This is the number of days you expect the learner to take to complete the course. If the learner doesn’t complete the course within this time frame, they will begin receiving Behind Schedule This field is optional. Leave it blank if you don’t want learners to receive Behind Schedule emails.
  3. Close Duration: This is the length of time from Enrollment you want the course to remain open for the learner to complete. After the Close Duration period, if the course is not complete, the status will update to Closed and the learner will be unable to complete the course. NOTE: This action cannot be reversed. Any progress will remain on this instance and will not carry over to the next enrollment cycle. This field is optional. Leave this field blank if you don’t want to limit learners’ time to complete the course.
  4. Close Email: This is the number of days prior to the Close Date set by the Close Duration that the learner will receive an email warning them the course is going to close. This field is optional. Leave it blank if you don’t want learners to receive warning emails about the Close Date or if you leave the Close Duration field blank.
  5. Allow Opt-Out: Check this box if you want to allow learners to opt out of enrollments. If you do not want your learners to be able to un-enroll from the course, leave this field unchecked.

Set Up a Re-Enrollment Course

In the Course Editor, on tab 1.Course, check the box next to Re-Enrollment Options.

  1. Determine if the course is a Learner Re-Enrollment or System Re-Enrollment
  2. If System Re-Enrollment, determine what you want to set for Expected Duration, Close Duration, Closed Email, or Allow Opt-Out and enter values or check the box.
  3. Complete the rest of your Course Setup