Create a Question Bank

Admin > Training > Question Bank    

Name your first question bank and think about leaving it inactive until all your questions are just right. Once your question bank is active, it is then available to be used in or copied to assessment modules.

Note: When a question bank is used in one or more assessment module(s), it can not be made inactive until it is removed from all modules. 
To view what modules are currently using a question bank, open up a question bank to edit mode and directly under the general settings section is a section called “Modules Using this Bank”.

 Create Question Bank Questions
Write questions manually 

Import questions by downloading and using the .csv questions template. Make sure you click the link that says: "Read this information prior to your first upload". This information will prepare you for a successful question upload.
 Create Assessment Modules When you select a question bank, you will be be presented with two options:  
Use bank controlled questions:
If the questions in the bank are ever updated, they are then automatically updated in every assessment module that uses that bank.


Copy a question bank:
Choosing to copy a question bank enables you to copy individual questions to your assessment and edit them for that module.
 A few tips when using the question bank system in a module: 
Module Assessment Settingsquestions in blue
  • Write individually 
  • Import directly 
  • Copy from a question bank

To edit how bank controlled questions are delivered from a question bank while editing a specific assessment module:

  1. Click the Edit Assessment button
  2. Click the pencil image for the green question bank row.
Save Assessment