Create a Survey

Surveys are not required in a course. They are beneficial for tracking learner feedback on modules.

Survey is not the same thing as an Assessment . A Survey provides learner feedback on the modules -- quality of the content and ease of use. A Survey doesn't have right/wrong answers. An Assessment/Quiz helps reinforce knowledge and test the learner's comprehension of course content and has right/wrong answers. 

Create a Survey in the Course Editor > 3.Modules

  1. Click on Add Module
  2. Add a name under Module Name
  3. Optional: Add Module Description
  4. Check the box next to Optional if you don’t want the Survey to be required in order to complete the course.
  5. Module Type: Survey
  6. Click Next


A screen very similar to Assessments will come up.

  1. Click Next to begin writing questions for the survey. NOTE: For surveys, the Questions must be All Questions – In Order. The other options are only for Assessments.
  2. Click the blue Write Question button on the left to begin creating questions.
  3. Just like Assessments, you can write the question and choose the format. Multiple Choice, True/False, Freeform, Likert Scale.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Depending on the style of question, you will enter answer options. NOTE: You will not create a key by designating an answer as correct like in an Assessment.
  6. Click Next
  7. Follow this process until you’ve added all the questions you wish to have in the survey.
  8. Once you’re finished writing questions, click the green Save Assessment button and you will return to the Modules screen.