Create an Assessment

Assessments/quizzes aren’t required in a course. However, they are beneficial for tracking learning and reinforcing knowledge.

Create an Assessment in the Course Editor > 3.Modules

  1. Click on the Add Module
  2. Name the assessment module.
  3. Select the section where you would like this module to appear.
  4. You can choose to have an assessment active or inactive by simply choosing the status in the Module Status
  5. For “Module Type” you will want to select Assessment then click Next.

Enter Assessment Settings

  1. Enter a passing score (e.g. 75% correct for a passing grade).
  2. Enter number of attempts to pass the assessment (leave blank for unlimited).
  3. Decide how questions will be delivered.
    • All Questions: Learners will answer every question you've written for this assessment.
    • All Questions Random: Learners will answer every question you've written for this assessment in a random order. 
    • Random Questions: Select this and include a number in the #of Questions in random order box. Learners will answer that number of questions randomly selected from the total number of questions you've written for this assessment. NOTE: Use these settings only if you are writing the questions specifically in this module. If you are using questions from a question bank, first click the Edit Assessment button on the far left and then click the pencil image for a questions bank that has been selected to be used for this assessment.
  4. Decide if there are time limits to completing the assessment.
  5. Decide how question feedback is provided. (e.g. Provide question feedback and correct answer immediately after a question is answered or provide feedback after all questions have been answered.)

Enter Instructions and Pass/Fail Assessment Messages

Prior to starting an assessment, a learner is provided default instructions. These instructions are dynamically delivered based on the assessment settings. (e.g. Time for assessment completion, or number of times an assessment can be retaken.)

Once a learner completes an assessment, they will be provided a default system pass/fail message. These default messages are dynamically created based on the assessment settings. (e.g. % required for passing or number of attempts available to take/retake the assessment.)

You may wish to provide additional custom pass/fail or instructional messages for an assessment module if desired.


Example Instructions Message:

Your Custom message.

A timer is provided for your reference and will count down until the time limit has elapsed. If you have not answered all the questions when the time limit is up any unanswered questions will be marked incorrect and the results will be displayed.

If you are interrupted you may log in again and start where you left off.

NOTE: If you exit for any reason, the timer will continue to count down. Please return to as quickly as possible to avoid having the timer expire while you are gone.

Once you have answered a question and pressed the "Continue" button you may not go back and change your answer.

Timed: 30 Minute(s) to complete

The maximum number of attempts allowed for this assessment is 2. You have used 0 of 2 attempts.


Example Pass Message:

Congratulations! You passed - the answer was XYZ 

You answered 10 of 10 correctly for a score of 100% (75% required to pass).


Example Fail Message:

We're sorry, you did not pass - the answer was XYZ 

You answered 0 of 10 correctly for a score of 0% (80% required to pass).

You may retake this assessment as many times as you wish until you pass.

Save Assessment Settings

Click the Next button below the settings area to save all settings and start creating your assessment questions.

Start Creating Assessment Questions for the Module

You can create Multiple Choice, True/False, Free Form, Essay, or Hotspot Questions. You can create assessment questions for a module three ways:

  1. Write questions directly for the module- This option allows you to write questions that will only (ever) be available for this specific module that you have created.
  2. Select questions from a Question Bank- This option allows you to browse banks of questions that were previously created and pull them into your module. Using question banks enables you to reuse questions in multiple assessment modules.
  3. Import questions using a template- This option allows you to add multiple questions to a assessment at once.


**Please don't forget to add Correct or Incorrect feedback for each of the questions you are writing. This will help remove any user frustration. 



Once you are done creating your questions for the module, you MUST click the Save Assessment button for the questions to be added to the module.


You may always open the assessment module and edit assessment settings and any questions you wrote or imported for the module. Question bank questions used in the module may only be edited in the Question Bank Editor.