Create Group Hierarchies

Creating groups is a great way to help organize reporting and focus content on specific audiences. They are hierarchical and can be endless. When creating groups, it’s important to consider how your organization is structured and how you will deliver training. Groups should make sense. Region, office, department, product, etc. The possibilities are endless.

NOTE: This option might not be advantageous if your university utilizes Single Sign On or User Management through API. Please consult your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager to discuss group structure options.


Creating Groups

  1. Go to Admin > Users > Groups
    • One at a time: You can add just one group at a time through Edit Groups. Simply enter the name of the group and save.
    • Multiple Groups: You can add several groups at once by selecting Add Several Groups at Once. All groups created through this option will be in the same hierarchy you are currently.

Creating Sub-Groups

This is where you will begin to build out your hierarchy. You cannot use Add Several Groups at Once to create groups and sub-groups together. You must create sub-groups from within already created groups.

  1. From a “parent group” created in the steps above, click View Sub Groups. This will take you to that group’s page and show you the subsequent Sub Groups.
  2. Using the same steps used to create groups above, you can add Sub Groups.

University Group Hierarchy Report 

This is an important report for ensuring your groups are structured as intended and it’s available to download in Excel format.

Go to Admin > Users > University Group Hierarchy > Download Now