Create Multiple Choice Questions

This feature is a great way to assess the knowledge of your learners for a particular course. Two of the biggest advantages of having multiple choice questions over essay questions are that the grading can be done by the system rather than a person (this can often take up an organization’s valuable time); and, with multiple choice questions, a learner can receive real-time feedback. 

First, create an assessment (refer to Creating an Assessment here).
Now that you've done that, you are now able to add questions. You can do this by either selecting the “Write Question” or “Import Questions” button. If you choose to write your questions, please follow these steps:

  1. Write your question in the Enter Question Text text box. 
  2. Make sure that Multiple Choice is selected in the area that asks “What kind of question is this?” 
  3. Click the Next button. 
  4. Write all the possible answers for your questions. Please make sure that each answer is individually written in a separate box. 
  5. To the right of the answer boxes, you will see a small check box. Please check the correct answer(s)
  6. Click the Next button and repeat this step for all the questions you wish to add to your assessment. 
  7. Click Save Assessment.