Draft Category Workflow

Whether you're setting up categories for the first time, or re-evaluating category structure and strategy, using the Draft Category Workflow is a tool!

You may decide to remove a current category and move the courses within it to another category, or maybe you want to group several current categories under a new parent category to streamline top level browsing.

The article will show you how to set up, save, change, publish, and reorder your draft categories. If you want to skip ahead, use the below articles to discuss specific topics and workflows:

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  • Do you want to create a new top-level category? Go here.
  • Do you want to create a new sub-category (child category)? Go here .
  • Do you want to delete a category? Go here .
  • Do you want to edit a category? Go here .

Set Up Draft Categories

To facilitate changes to your catalog and/or designing categories without making all those changes live for your learners, BlueVolt introduces the Draft Workflow for Categories. 

To access the category draft work flow:

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Categories
  2. Check the box next to Use Draft Workflow
  3. The Draft Category page displays after selecting the check and displays the last saved version. 

NOTE: This page will show your current production category structure if you have never worked with Draft Categories before. If you are returning to the Draft Categories to continue making changes, your previous changes will display.

Save/Revert/Publish Draft Categories

The Draft Category Workflow feature enables you to reorganize your current catalog structure, remap courses to the desired category structure and choose layouts and add category specific images. You can go in and out of the Draft Category Workflow screen and continue where you last left off. No changes will be applied to your live categories until you Publish Draft Changes. 

TIP: We strongly advise that only one administrator use the Draft Category Workflow feature. Multiple administrators making their own changes will override the previous administrator's changes. 

  • Once you’ve completed the changes you wish to make with your categories, click Save Draft Changes button. You can return later to continue working with your category changes.
  • If you wish to erase all your changes to Draft Categories and reset the category list to match the Production Categories list, click Revert Draft Changes button.
  • If you are ready for your changes to be published for your learners, then click Publish Draft Changes.

CAUTION: If using this feature in your live production environment, Publish Draft Changes will erase all your current live production categories and replace them with your Draft Categories changes. You cannot reverse this action. Please use carefully. However, if using this feature in the staging environment, your live production environment will not be affected. 



Switch Back to Live Category Management Page

In upper left, under Selected Category List, you will see Draft Categories. Click the drop down arrow and select Live Categories. If you have made any changes you wish to save, please be sure to click Save Draft Changes button before exiting the page.

Re-order Draft Categories

The draft category workflow also allows you to quickly and easily re-order and re-organize the layout of your course catalog. 

To re-order categories:

  • Click the drag handle icon to the left of the category you wish to move.
  • Drag the category to the position you'd like and release the drag handle.

NOTE: Any subcategories underneath the category will move with the category you select.

  • Click the "Save Draft Changes" button at the top to save the new order.

Metadata tab

You can edit the following items under this tab:

• Category Name
• Include in University Brochure checkbox
• Category Description
• Category Icon: Add, change, or remove
• Search options: Enable search by Category Name and Enable Search by Tag
• Box to add tags


Page Display tab

You can edit the following items under this tab:

• Show Category Header checkbox
• Content Blocks (see additional details next)
• HTML Footer
• HTML Description


NOTE: Once you’ve completed your changes in this tab, you must click the Save Changes button or your changes will be lost when you move to a new tab or away from the page.