Emails: Reminder Emails for Scheduled Course Prerequisites

This email reminds your learners to complete prerequisite courses prior to a scheduled course in which they are enrolled. This reminder is automatically sent for all prerequisite courses that are tied to a scheduled course, based on the number of days set for your university. Once you have set the number, the rest is automatic.  

  For example, if you set the number to 7, a learner who is scheduled to attend a course session with a prerequisite they have not completed will be sent this reminder 7 days before their session. This gives them a change to complete the prerequisite course(s) prior to their scheduled course.   Course Emailer  Admin > Settings > University > SettingsScheduled Course Prerequisite Reminder Email     Here is an example of the system email for a SCHEDULED course prerequisite reminder.   
Subject:  Prerequisite Reminder for Course: "Day 1- Safety Training”

Dear Brian,

This is a friendly reminder to complete the course pre-requisite for the course:
"Day 1- Safety Training”- 7/30/2014 8:00:00 AM Pacific Time  

Please complete the following prior to your scheduled course:
Safety Rules
Please contact with any questions.
Thank you,
BlueVolt Support