Enroll Learners in Training Tracks

Rather than enrolling learners into individual courses, you may choose to enroll learners into a curriculum or group of courses we call "Training Tracks". Enrollment in training tracks can be done from the training track editor.

NOTESet Up Training Tracks before continuing.


To Manually Add Learners

  1. Training Training tracks
  2. On the right-hand side under Browse Existing Training Tracks, find and select the desired training track

In the People section:

  1. Select a group from the Group dropdown. 
  2. Select a learner’s name.
  3. Select the greater than (>) button on the right to enroll the learner in the training track.

NOTE: Remember to select the Send Enrollment Message box above the description area.

Auto Enroll or Un-Enroll Learners in Training Tracks

Training Track Course Auto Enrollment

When you are in the Training Track editor, you can elect to auto enroll learners in courses in that training track by simply checking the box labeled Auto Enroll Learners Into Courses.

This option will automatically enroll learners who are currently enrolled in the training track as well as any new learners you might add. There are some exceptions to this feature. Learners will NOT be enrolled in a course in a training track if one of the following is true:

  • Course is full (no remaining seats available)
  • Paid course
  • Inactive course
  • The course is "passed registration deadline"
  • Scheduled course that doesn't allow enrollments without a schedule

Training Track Course Auto Un-Enrollment Considerations

If you have marked a training track as auto-enroll in courses, select to enroll learners and later choose to un-enroll learners from the training track, they will be un-enrolled in all the courses in the training track. However, there are a few exceptions where learners may not be un-enrolled from one or more courses.

  • If the learner enrolled in a course prior to being enrolled in the training track
  • If the learner completed a course prior to being un-enrolled in the training track

NOTE: If one of these exceptions occurs, you will see a message indicating which learners have not been un-enrolled from specific courses in the training track.