Feature a Course

Featuring a course is a great way to promote a new course. These courses will display in a Featured section of the homepage after the learner has logged in. You can set courses to be featured for a limited time by setting an expiration date. You can also determine the order in which the courses appear in the Featured block.

 NOTE: Check out how to add a Featured Training block to your university in order to showcase the featured courses you'll create below.

To mark an existing course as Featured:

  1. Go to Training > Courses > Edit Course
  2. Select an existing course
  3. Select 2. Display
  4. In the Course Info section check the Featured box
  5. Add a date to the Featured Expiration Date (if needed)
  6. Add the display order in Featured Item Display Order
  7. Click on Save & Exit

Once you’ve entered the relevant information and saved it, the course will appear in the order you determined in your Featured Courses block.