Find, Earn, and use $BlueBucks

1. Find a $BB course

Many courses offer $BB as a reward for successful completion. We have several public universities with product knowledge courses within them. Feel free to browse these public universities under the More Training section.

The amount of $BB offered, if any, will appear on the course Details page below the title:

2. Earn your $BB

You earn the amount of $BB when you complete all the required sections of a course. Usually this is a short presentation (be sure to click through each slide!) or video, plus a quiz. Sometimes there is also a survey. Any section of the course is optional only if "(optional)" appears after the module name.

3. Redeem your $BB

You can apply any amount of $BB to the cost of a paid course at checkout by entering the amount you want to use.


You can redeem them for a virtual gift card to a merchant of your choice. Check out merchants here.

Start by clicking the "$BlueBucks" link at the top of the home page (or the "$BlueBucks" button at the bottom of the homepage)

Next, click a specific merchant to redeem your $BB for this merchant.


After you've selected your card, you may have to verify your email address. The email address you use for $BlueBucks should match the email address on your account. If the address doesn't match, the redemption won't go through. So, make sure you're still logged into your account when you verify!

NOTE: In order to participate in the $BlueBucks program, we must have a physical address on your profile. This is to ensure we're able to mail your IRS tax form 1099 which is required for all earnings of $600+. (This is for US learners only) 

Once you have validated your email address you'll receive an email from with the link to access your virtual gift card. You can also download your gift card from the $BlueBucks tab in your profile. 

IMPORTANT:  Your account may be selected for a routine review, which can delay receipt of your gift card by up to 5 business days. Routine reviews happen periodically within the system.  If your account was selected, you'll receive a pop-up message after selecting your card alerting you to this. We highly recommend accounting for this possibility when choosing your gift card.