Find Learner Completion Data: Assessments/Surveys

To find reports on Learner Completion Data, such as quizzes and surveys, follow steps below:

  1. Admin > Reports >Transcripts
  2. Select the group and/or course.
  3. Enter learner’s name into Keyword, or scroll down Member Name list.
  4. Click learner’s name to access their transcript.
  5. Find the course you want to view, click the + to the left of the course name, then click View Results to the right of the module you want to check.
  6. If the status is In Progress or Passed, click View Results next to the quiz/survey to view a drop-down for each attempt, with status (passed/failed) and scores to the right.
  7. Click the down arrow next to the box and select the quiz attempt you wish to review.

NOTE:  If the status of the quiz/survey is Not Taken, it hasn’t been launched by the learner yet so there won’t be any data.

Learners' answers in their attempts will look like this:

The answer in green is the correct answer (according to the instructor).  The learner’s choices will be to the left of the answers with the following symbols:

  • Green checkmark = Learner chose this answer correctly
  • Red “X” = Learner chose this answer incorrectly
  • Red circle with slash  = This was a correct answer the learner didn’t choose (this primarily occurs in “Select All That Apply” questions with more than one answer).

If there’s no symbols, the learner has not yet answered this question.

To the right of each question are boxes labelled Overall, showing the total number of correct and incorrect answers chosen by all learners taking this quiz/survey. This is a good place to quickly see whether learners are having difficulties with a particular question.

You can find more detailed information about which specific answers users are selecting in the Aggregated Assessment/Survey Results report – go HERE for that article.