Flash Content Audit Report and Course Labels

Adobe has announced it will no longer support or update the Flash web plugin at the end of 2020. This downloadable report will give you insight into which courses and modules in your catalog are dependent on this technology, as well as other relevant information about usage and sharing of each of the courses that contain Flash.

For more information, please see our latest BlueVolt blog post.

To run the report, go to Admin > Reports > Training Reports > Flash Content Audit Report

Click Download CSV. The courses listed contain Flash and will need to be updated/replaced.

The downloadable report will show you the following data:

  1. Course Name and Course ID
  2. Module Name and Module ID
  3. Module Last Modified Date
  4. Current Enrollments
  5. Total Completions (all time)
  6. Last Completion Date (date of most recent completion)
  7. Course Owner (the report shows shared courses from other universities, so knowing the course owner is useful)
  8. Shared (Indicates whether the course is shared from another university)

NOTE: If you have courses with modules using HTML-5 with Flash fallback, these will display on the report as well. If you are using Flash fallback there is nothing required to update these courses as they will continue to work in browsers that don't support Flash. For additional information, contact your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager. 

 Sample Report 

The report will help you identify what courses you have in your university which need to be addressed/updated before the 2020 end of Adobe Flash support. Armed with this information, you can start to devise a strategy for systematically updating your course offerings in your university.

Quite possibly, you will have some Flash-based content which you will determine should be inactivated and is no longer needed. There is nothing to update in the course content for those courses. Once you’ve determined which courses you want to keep and which courses you want to inactivate, you can work with your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager on a strategy for updating the course offerings.


Course Labels

In addition to running the Flash Content Audit report, the My Courses page lists courses with Flash based modules and are noted with a red Flash button.

To visit the All courses page, go to: Admin > Training > Content > Courses > Select All under Category drop down. You can filter the My Courses page by clicking on the More Filters link in the top right and selecting Yes under Contains Flash Content.

When editing a course, the modules section displays a red Flash button for each of the modules that contain Flash.

REMEMBER: BlueVolt has a wonderful Creative Team who can work with you to develop and deploy updated course content that doesn’t use Flash for the interactive elements. Be sure to ask your BlueVolt Customer Success Manager about consultation services with our team if you need help with creating and curating content to replace your Flash courses. 

Additional Sources of Information

There is a lot of information out there about the end of Flash. Resources such as the blog post linked above are great places to find out more and gain a better understanding of where interactive content for websites is headed with the end of Flash. We’ve compiled some additional information to help:

Adobe’s Blog: Flash & the Future of Interactive Content

Google Chrome: Flash Roadmap

Microsoft: Adobe Flash on Windows and Edge

Mozilla: Plugin for Adobe Flash Roadmap