Grade Book

The Grade Book report shows results for a specific course. Who enrolled, their status, etc. This report is a good way to view how a specific student or group of learners did on a course and assessment. There are two ways of accessing the Grade Book. Through Reports and through the Course Dashboard.


Grade Book Report

  1. Go to Admin > Reports > Training Reports > Grade Book 
  2. To view a Grade Book for all learners, select your active university. To view a Grade Book for a specific group of learners, click the plus sign to expand the group list and select the group.
  3. Choose the Course Category from the dropdown and a list of courses will populate
  4. To the right of the course for which you wish to view the Grade Book, click View Details

The Grade Book will display a few key pieces of information. At the top, there is a search box which allows you to find a specific user by Keyword search.



View Grade Book from Course Dashboard

You can access the Grade Book from the Course Dashboard by going down to the Reports block on the lower left and selecting View Course Rollup (Grade Book).



From the Grade Book, clicking on a specific learner’s name will pull additional information on the learner’s progress within the course. Information such as Status, Results and Launch History, as well as Completion Certificates can help troubleshoot issues or analyze success of a learner and/or course.