Group Admin Course Editor Whitelist

There is a university option that allows group admins to Add/Edit courses for their group. If you don’t want all group admins to add and edit, there is an additional option to whitelist group admins so that they have permission to add courses. Other group admins that haven’t been whitelisted will not be able to add new courses but will be able to edit specific courses if they are assigned to one.

NOTE: If you are interested in this option, contact your Customer Success Manager.

Add Group Admins to the Course Editor Whitelist

  1. Go to Admin > Users > Course Editor Admins
  2. Enter group admin name(s) or select from the list
  3. Check the Course Editor Admin box next to the admin you want to update
  4. Click Update Roles
  5. Notify the group admin(s) of their new course creation capability!


NOTE: Group admins listed here will be able to ADD courses for their group, but they won’t be able to EDIT courses other group admins have added to their group unless given permission for a specific course.


Give a Group Admin Permission to Edit a Specific Course

While creating or editing a course, you can provide another group admin permission to edit that course by adding their name under the Group Course Editors list located on first step when editing a course.

NOTE: Group admins added here will only be able to edit that course (or other courses they have been added to). They will not be able to create new courses unless specifically added to the Group Course Editor Whitelist.