Guidelines for $BlueBucks Program (Terms and Conditions)

The $BlueBucks Terms and Conditions (#23) can be found here:


The guidelines when taking your courses to earn $BlueBucks are:

  1. Watch each required module in the course entirely. Some modules may have audio, hotspots, or other interactive/additional information which need to be completed before the slide/module can be successfully marked complete.
  2. Watch all learning modules before launching the quiz module or course evaluation survey.
  3. Have only one module open at a time.
  4. We suggest limiting yourself to 4-5 courses per day in order to have time to absorb and apply what you've learned.
  5. $BlueBucks can only be earned once per course. If you take a course again, you will not earn the $BlueBucks again.
  6. You are only permitted one account in the BlueVolt system. Creating multiple accounts to earn additional $BlueBucks is not allowed. BlueVolt monitors activity to prevent fraud and abuse.

NOTE: Many courses are offered on the honor system. The guidelines above should still be followed, even if the course shows a completed status before you finish watching it. BlueVolt reserves the right to revoke $BlueBucks and/or disable an account if these guidelines aren't followed.