Historical Records


Note: This is primarily intended for new universities. This feature is not intended for routine, regular use.

For courses completed outside the BlueVolt university (or prior to your university) which should be tracked/credited within the university, you can use the Historical Uploads feature to add the courses to your university. You can also add enrollments for these courses for multiple users through this feature.

You will want to consider heavily if you already have courses created in your university: please consult your success manager or support by reaching out to adminsupport@bluevolt.com before taking this on yourself. 


There is a critical order of operations that should be followed when performing an Historical Records Upload: 

  1. Users Accounts Should Be Loaded Before Historical Records are loaded, because EmailAddress is the primary connector to the enrollment or completion records
  2. Historical records should be uploaded as a first order of operations before you begin creating New Manual courses in the University. 
    1. This will help create structure and an outline to the courses within the university and will speed the process of creating courses in general. 
  3. Once Historical Course Records are created, you will be able to continue to load Historical Data to those course names and for those users. 

A historical record will create a course that is considered an inactive shell and does not contain course modules: 

  1. Once you load your historical data you will be able to find those courses as inactive in the Admin Course list, by selecting the inactive course check box, next to the search field. 
  2. You may now open those courses make them active, add a descriptions, add modules, and add the course to the catalog, groups, and categories. 

Also note - that once the historical course name and title are created you will not want to change that course name unless you are 100% confident that you will not be loading more historical records. 


Upload Historic Courses and Enrollments

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Content > Historical Records.
  2. If this is your first time here, be sure to click the red link:
  3. Download the blank template.
  4. Create the upload using the fresh template file, adding information for courses and enrollments.
    1. Make sure you’re correctly populating all required fields (Email, CourseName, EnrollmentDate).
    2. The "CourseLength" field will interpret the value entered as being in minutes, so if your data is in hours you'll want to convert it to minutes before adding your course lengths here.
  5. NOTE: We recommend limiting uploads to 1000 records per upload.
  6. Complete Step 3: Upload

CAUTION: Using this feature for enrollments should be limited to enrollments in courses which were uploaded through this feature. Mass-enrolling students in courses which weren’t uploaded through a Historic Upload will result in duplicate courses listed in your university.


Once the file has uploaded, you will see this message:

When I go to a transcript for a Learner I included in the file, I can see their completion listed:

The course also appears under Courses:


NOTE: If you are uncertain whether to use this feature for what you’re attempting to accomplish, contact support@bluevolt.com or your Customer Success Manager.