Inactivate a Course

As a general rule, any course which has been active and has enrollments/completions attached should never be deleted. For this reason, it occasionally becomes necessary to inactivate a course. Common reasons include: you no longer carry the product, the information in the course is outdated, you no longer work with the distributor of the product, etc.

NOTE: To inactivate a course you’ve shared, see Inactivate a Shared Course


Make a Course Inactive

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Courses
  2. Search for your course
  3. Select the course you would like to inactivate
  4. On the first page of the course editor you can change the status from Active to Inactive.
  5. Click Save & Exit


One of the benefits of inactivating a course rather than deleting it is the course can be re-activated at any time. If you only want to prevent the course from being active in the university for a short period of time, you can inactivate the course and then easily go in and reactivate it when it's time. To do so, follow the steps above and change the Status to Active from Inactive and click Save & Exit.

NOTE: When a course is inactive, learners cannot see or launch the course even if they were previously enrolled. When you reactivate the course, any progress they made prior to it going inactive will remain. 

Remove Inactive Courses from Training Tracks

Inactive courses left in an active training track result in a training track which is unable to be completed by the learners.

When a university admin inactivates a course that is currently a part of a training track, a message displays that will alert the admin to which training tracks are affected. There are two options provided in the message.


Option 1: 

Leave the inactive course in the Training Track(s). This option is great if you are just setting up training tracks and are perhaps staging things for a launch. 


Option 2: 

Remove Course from Training Track(s). This option removes the course automatically from all training tracks listed in the message. This saves you time from having to go to the training track editor and manually remove the course.


Admins Without Permission to Manage Training Tracks

If an administrator without permission to manage training tracks tries to inactivate a course that is currently in a training track, they receive a slightly different message. 

Option 1: 
Leave the course active. This option turns the course back to active so that learners may continue to take the course and complete the training track.  

Option 2: 
Notify the University Admin of the inactive course. This option removes the course automatically from all training tracks listed in the message. A message is then sent to the university administrator regarding the course and the training track(s) affected. The university administrator will need to manually remove the course from the training track(s) to complete the process.


NOTE: Inactivating a course will not remove a completed course from the learner's Transcript. The course will indicated it's Inactive, though.