Instructor Led Training (ILT) Management

Managing instructor led training sessions comes with its own set of challenges. The ILT feature for managing course enrollments is designed to ease at least a few of these challenges. The ILT feature enables you to:

  • Print rosters of enrolled learners per schedule
  • Mark learner attendance and scores
  • Enroll "drop-in" learners  
  • Un-enroll non-attendees
  • Enroll learners in additional schedules for the same course if needed
  • Download scores and attendance information for a schedule


Create ILT courses

  1. Create a Scheduled Course type
  2. Mark scheduled course as ILT
  3. Create one or more schedules for the ILT session

Access ILT page for a schedule

Go to Admin > Training > Manage Enrollment

  1. Select the ILT button
  2. Locate your ILT Course (only Scheduled Courses marked as ILT will display in this list)
  3. Select a schedule to manage

Manage ILT Learners

After you have selected a course and a specific schedule, you can manage the learners for that schedule.


Print roster of Enrolled Learners Per Schedule

  1. Select the Roster button
  2. Select the Export button on the toolbar
  3. Select export option and save
  4. Print the document if needed


NOTE: If you require attendee signatures, make sure you have enrolled any drop-in learners before exporting this document.

Mark Attendance and Score and Un-enroll Learner

Attendance, Passed, and Score are used for reporting purposes and reflected in the Download Scores report, but do not change the behavior of the learner’s enrollment record. Completed and Un-enroll cause a change in the learner’s enrollment record.

Options for managing your learners for a single schedule is best explained with the following image and scenarios below.

Scenario 1: The first two learners (Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Hoffa) attended this scheduled session, passed, received a numeric score and were completed on the same day as the scheduled session (10/10).  These learners will have this information on their transcript and are also able to be enrolled in another schedule for this same course if needed. (Perhaps they want a refresher or want to improve their score.)

Scenario 2: Clark Kent didn't show up for the course and was marked as un-enrolled. This means that Clark can now be enrolled in a future schedule for that same course. However, he won’t have any information on his transcript about the current schedule since he was un-enrolled.

NOTE: If you want to prevent this learner from being able to enroll in another schedule, you would not mark the learner as completed or un-enroll him. This would mark him as enrolled for this schedule, but he wouldn’t ever be mark as “Attended” or “Completed”. 

Scenario 3: Jim Morrison attended the course but wasn't marked as passed and was given a letter score of “F”. He was also marked as completed, but on a different day (10/12). His transcript will now show this information and he is also able to be enrolled.
NOTE: Scores can be entered as numbers or letters and up to 5 characters can displayed in the field.

Enroll “Drop In” Learners and Enroll learners in other schedules

  1. Select Enroll 
  2. Select the schedule you are enrolling for (defaults to the schedule you clicked the Enroll button from)
  3. Select a group (to narrow user search)
  4. Enter name of learner
  5. Select Find Users to Enroll
  6. Locate and check to select User
  7. Select the Enroll Selected Users button
  8. Close the enrollment window to return to the ILT Course Management page

The ILT Course Management page will refresh and the selected user(s) will be added to the current schedule.

NOTE: Learners enrolled in another schedule for this course will not display in the “Find” list unless they have marked as completed or un-enrolled for that active schedule.


Download Scores and Attendance Information for a Schedule

  1. Select the Download Scores button
  2. Open the ILT Scores csv file from the stored location