You can create a course that, once the learner has completed the core material, additional information may be delivered to learners at the cadence of your choice, via a link in an email or a text message, or both.

When a KnowledgeBump is delivered to learner (via text or email or both), a learner side notification with link to the KB is also sent.

You can choose from a variety of KnowledgeBump™ experiences.

For example, 2 weeks after they completed a course, the learner might receive a link to watch a video or complete a series of assessment questions.


Authoring KnowledgeBumps™

Add a KnowledgeBump™ to a Course

  1. While creating or editing a course, go to Step 4: Settings
  2. Click the down arrow for the KnowledgeBump™ section
  3. Select the amount of $BlueBucks award for any of the KnowledgeBumps™ associated with the course (e.g. Learners will be awarded this $BlueBucks amount each time they complete a KnowledgeBump™ associated with the course.)
  4. Click the Add New button
  5. Give the KnowledgeBump™ a title (for admin reference only)
  6. Select the type of KnowledgeBump™ (Video/Assessment/Survey/SCORM)
  7. Select the delivery time frame for the KnowledgeBump™ (e.g. 1 week after learner completes course)

NOTE: There is a service that checks on the hour for any KnowledgeBumps™ that need to be delivered. If you select 1 HOUR option for delivery of the KnowledgeBump™, learners will receive their text or in platform notification after the service is run at the top of the hour. This means that some learners may receive their KnowledgeBump™ up to almost two hours after they completed their course.



Admin Can Change Communication Preferences for KnowledgeBumps

This feature gives admins control over KnowledgeBump™ communications preferences. Admin can change the following options:

  1. Allow learners to set their own communication preferences
    • When selected, learners will be able to choose via the Privacy section on their profile, how they want KnowledgeBump™ notifications delivered to them.
  1. It’s okay to send my learners KnowledgeBumps™ via text message (checked by default)
    • If selected, courses with KnowledgeBumps™ will send them to the phone number saved in your learners’ profiles. If unchecked, KnowledgeBumps™ will be sent via email and in-platform notifications only.

Set the Learner Privacy Settings

  1. From the admin nav bar, access the Learner Privacy page under Settings.
  2. Check “Allow learners to set their own communication preferences”
  3. Click the Save button


View the Learner Privacy Settings

  1. Open the Learner UI (Click Learner UI button above the Admin nav bar)
  2. Select your profile drop down and click My Privacy Settings
  3. View the newly available KnowledgeBump™ communication options


View KnowledgeBump™ Completions

KnowledgeBumps™ are treated like a course module on the Course Enrollment Totals (CET) report. When you include assessment and module scores for a CET report, all the modules for the course as well as any KnowledgeBumps™ are listed for all learners enrolled in the course.

Include KnowledgeBumps™ in a Course Enrollment Totals report:

  1. Run the Course Enrollment Totals report
  2. Select the Detail radio button
  3. Select the Certain Course that contains the KnowledgeBumps™
  4. Check the box at the bottom to Include Assessment and Module Scores



KnowledgeBump™ Recommendations

  • Create KnowledgeBumps™ for new courses. Adding KnowledgeBumps™ to existing courses may cause issues if you have several learners who have already completed the course previously. The system will attempt to send all KnowledgeBumps™ associated with a course to learners who have been marked as complete.
  • Video and SCORM types – It is highly recommended that files are optimized for mobile delivery.
  • Assessment or Survey types – Surveys and Assessments are both delivered via a Question Bank. It is highly recommended to create a Question Bank that corresponds to the KnowledgeBase prior to creating the KnowledgeBump™.


Important: For SURVEY KnowledgeBumps™, even though you must indicate a correct or incorrect answer for questions that you write in a question bank, these answers are not marked as correct or incorrect.   

(See this article for more information on creating Question Banks)


KnowledgeBump™ FAQ

What phone number/email address will be used to send the SMS text notification for the KnowledgeBumps™? The phone number or email address on the learner’s account.

What if the phone number/email address for the learner is incorrect? The system will attempt to send KnowledgeBumps™ every hour for 2 days. After that, it will stop attempting to send the failed KnowledgeBumps™ attempts.

How can I ensure that my learners have correct phone numbers and email addresses? Before you start creating courses with KnowledgeBumps™, we recommend that you post an announcement that your learners will see when they log in that directs them to update their phone number and email addresses. (See this article for more information on creating Announcements)  (Note: This does not apply if your university is using user management or single sign in to update your learners account information.)

Can I have multiple KnowledgeBumps™ for one course? Yes, you can associate multiple KnowledgeBumps™ with a course. E.g. You can have KnowledgeBump™ #1 delivered one day after the learner completes a course, KnowledgeBump™ #2 delivered 1 week after the learner completes a course, and KnowledgeBump™ #3 delivered 1 month after the learner completes a course.

Can I apply a different amount of $BlueBucks for each KnowledgeBump™ associated with a course? No, you can only set one value for all the KnowledgeBumps™ associated with a course. E.g. If there are 3 KnowledgeBumps™ associated with one course and you have set the $BlueBucks amount to 1, then a learner can earn up to 3 additional $BlueBucks for completing each KnowledgeBump™.

Will KnowledgeBumps™ be sent if a course is marked as “inactive”? No. KnowledgeBumps™ are not sent for inactive courses. Note: if a course is marked as active, it will attempt to resend KnowledgeBumps™ to learners previously enrolled.