Learner Course Preview

Some courses you may wish to provide a preview for your learners. A video or SCORM module may be selected as a preview module for a course.  

NOTE: This is not the same as the admin feature Preview Course found in Course Editor.

  1. Go to Admin > Training > Courses > Edit a course
  2. Find the course you want to add a preview to then click on it.
  3. In 3.Modules Select a video or SCORM module
  4. Mark it as a Preview module.
  5. Add how many seconds you would like the preview window to display for learners.
  6. Click Save

After you save this module, a Preview button will display for learners directly below the Enroll button on the course detail page.


NOTE: Only one module may be selected to be a preview module. To mark a different module as the preview module, you will first need to select an existing module and deselect it as the preview module.