Manually Pass a Module for a Learner

Manual passes cannot be undone, and should be thought of as a last option after the learner and the admin have checked with Support for issues. Since many courses offer $BlueBucks incentives for completion, manually passing learners without good cause would violate the understanding with the suppliers who are offering the courses. 

When course completion issues arise, they can often be local to a given learner's machine, and if the learner is having difficulties with their computer for one course, they may well have difficulties with other courses as well. Once a course is completed in the learner's account, it can no longer be checked for technical issues that may be occurring on their end or for completion barriers that may have arisen in the course. For these reasons it's usually best to identify and troubleshoot persistent computer issues before turning to the manual pass solution.

An exception to this would be if it's a known issue - say, a certain manufacturers' courses aren't compatible with certain operating systems or browsers.  This isn't something every work place can easily fix, and we understand that.  So, rather than make everybody in that work place take the course at home or at the library, we can ask for screenshots of their passing scores (if warranted) and manually pass them.

Before Manually Passing A Learner:

  1.  First, direct the learner to the "Technical Issues FAQ" under "Help"
  2.  If nothing there solves the problem, have the learner send an email to "" describing what course & module the issue is occurring in, and what the issue is.  They don't have to worry about keeping it brief - the more details, the better!
  3. On the Admin side, check the data coming back into the system.  
  4. If there is no data, ask the learner for a screenshot of their passing score/completion in the course.
  5. if there is data, check the score they received.  If it's a passing score, then manually pass them.

Then, if it's determined that a manual pass is in order:

  1. Admin > Training > Manual Pass.
  2. Click Course Category and select one, or choose Select All.
  3. Click on the course module name (not the name of the course!).
  4. A paginated list of enrolled users will appear and a keyword search function will open in the top left of your screen; you can either navigate manually or search by user name and then click Get Users.
  5. Select Mark Complete.
  6. Double-check the status of the course in the learner’s transcript.