Module Type: Document Download

The Document Download allows you to upload a document such as a .pdf that you want the learner to download as part of the course. This might be a white sheet or other product pamphlet with information not seen elsewhere. It might be marketing materials you want the learner to use after completing the course. Any kind of document you want to provide your learners through the course can be used in this module type.

NOTE: For information creating a course, see Create a Course .

Create a Document Download Module

  1. While Creating a course, go to 3.Modules
  2. Click Add Module
  3. Give the Module a Name
  4. Change the Module Status to Active
  5. Select Document Download
  6. As with other modules, you can make this optional, you can write a description, specify the Display Sequence, and dictate the Window Launch Size. 
  7. Click Next 
  8. Enter the Required Minutes. This is not required, but we recommend at least 2 minutes. This means the learners will need to keep the window with the document open for at least 2 minutes before the module will mark as complete. If you leave this box blank, the module will mark as complete the moment the learner clicks Launch whether they fully view the file or not.
  9. Click Choose File to upload the document (file must be under 50MB)
  10. Click Next

The module is now complete. When learners take the course, they will click Launch just like other modules and download the file.