The Sharing Center notifications tab shows a variety of notifications to facilitate Sharing Center activities. The following is a list of notification types:

Course Sharing Requests:

  • Course Shared = One of your courses has been obtained from Course Catalog (no approval needed).
  • You requested a Course from the Sharing Center Course Catalog = The status of your outgoing request for access to a course.
  • Incoming Share Requests = Someone is requesting access to one of your courses and your approval is needed. You can reject the request by clicking the X. However, if you click the green check mark, a screen displays that asks if you want to always accept course requests from this partner or if you want to accept just this time.
    • Always accept = This partner will be able to Get courses that you have shared to the Sharing Center Course catalog. You will not have to approve every request for these types of course requests from this partner. This partner also now displays on the Share Settings tab as a Subscriber.

Sharing Partnership Requests:

  • You Requested to be Sharing Partners = The status of your outgoing request for partnership.
  • Incoming Partnership Requests = Someone is requesting to be a sharing partner to be able to send courses to your university. Your approval is needed for these requests. If approved, this partner will be able to send courses that will automatically be added to your university. However, it is important to note that while you won’t have to approve each course from this partner, you will still need to finish setting up these courses as they are initially added as “inactive and uncategorized” in your university.

Read more about how to finish the set up for shared courses here: My Shared Courses

System Notifications:

  • Max Enrollments reached for a course shared with me
  • Max Enrollments reached for a course I’m sharing